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“A Promise of Performance” Spectank About Us

Spectank® Profile


We undertake to supply friendly, innovative products timeously to our customers, striving always to be courteous and sensitive to their needs.  We acknowledge that each individual member of staff is a valuable asset and that they are committed to growth and stability thus providing standards of excellence that will see that Company expand with success for all people involved.

The pages that follow are a tangible reinforcement of the Spectank® commitment to educate all hygiene staff. By employing this approach to hygiene and cleaning, more than ever before the workers on the ground, given professional training to assist their efforts and motivated to achieve a better result and rewarded for doing so. I am fully aware of the high standards your company requires and a product range of the highest quality underwrites the profile of our Company.       

Spectank® (Pty) Ltd

 The original innovators of stainless steel soak tanks and a specialised carbon remover as well as marketing a HACCP compliant range of chemicals to our large client base.

South African Franchises

Spectank® has a broad network of 19 Franchises spread throughout the country servicing every major city and centre countrywide.

Spectank® International

Spectank® has master license holders to the unique Spectank® system in the following;

International Licensed Countries:


Spectank® (Pty) Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Many of our products carry the SABS 1828 (detergents for the food industry) and SABS 1853 (disinfectants for the food industry) certification mark.

BEE Status:

Spectank® has a level 2 BEE rating with a procurement recognition level of 125%, the certificate is available on request or on our website


Members of; the South African Chefs Association, FEDHASA, Proudly South African and Eat Safe.

REtech Chemicals:

Are a division of Spectank (Pty) Ltd and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of SABS certified cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. REtech also manufactures industrial chemical products.

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