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“A Promise of Performance”
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Staff Training


Practical, on-site training of cleaning staff in the use of our products.

Spectank® call cycle sheets are signed for each training or service visit.

Staff knowledge of hygiene will be increased (limits cross contamination).

  • Less wastage of product (saves money).

Correct use of the product in the correct areas.

Hygiene Inspections


Completion of monthly/bi-monthly (depending on site location) hygiene inspection sheets for on-going analysis of in-store hygiene.

Identifies areas for management that may require attention.

Information is available to Head Office for analysis.  

Cleaning Programmes


Spectank® devises specific colour coded cleaning programmes in pictorial form as part of the training. As well as other signage for cleaning and hygiene.

Simple, easy to use for all staff members.

  • No complicated mixing instructions.

Less product wastage.

Cleaning Operations Manual


Spectank® can supply stores with a cleaning manual, containing (or other material as requested);

  • Call cycle/training registers
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Cleaning procedures
  • SABS certificates

BEE accreditation

Assists in hygiene management of food environments.

  • Keeps a record of supplier service levels.
  • Reference for new or temporary staff on hygiene and cleaning.
  • Decrease the risk of accidents occurring.

Environmental value


Spectank® has initiated a process for the recycling of our plastic containers with customers cooperation (collect empties when we deliver).

  • Funds generated are donated to charity on behalf of the customer.

The tanks for equipment cleaning save water - a valuable national resource.

Reduction of skip space for garage owner (empty bottles use lots of space).

  • Collectively (all Engen garages) based on attached quote would save landfill space equal to 266 skips.
  • Charity benefits – marketing opportunity for customer.

Water saving (use of Spectank® for equipment) of only 1 tap hour/day/store could save 15 000 · kilolitres of water/month.

Reduction of carbon footprint.